Emy&Annie Rattle

EcoHabitude Photoshoot

We were so excited when EcoHabitude, a marketplace to buy, sell and discover socially conscious brands, invited Greenlee and I to explore their collection of eco-friendly kids clothes and do a fun, styled photo shoot at their amazing showroom.  Greenlee got to unleash her creativity with Crayon Rocks and was able to move around so easily in the […]


Palette-Palate at Freshmade NYC

Two of my daughter’s favorite things are food and being artistic.  I was extremely excited when I learned about Freshmade NYC’s Palette Palate class.  (Such a great name for a unique class–see class description below)  The facility is located down in Soho which is a bit of a schlep for us, particularly during this bitter cold winter but […]


A New Indoor Playroom on UES

I wouldn’t trade city living for anything.  One drawback though is that families can experience major cabin fever in the dead of winter.  After all, who wants to be schlepping their youngsters on cold, icy city streets, shivering while waiting for buses, hailing cabs or walking to the subways.   With temperatures below twenty degrees […]